Mount St. Helens

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  • Height x Width x Depth (mm): 37 x 148 x 199
  • Scale 1:60,000 (scale bar printed on the side)
  • Flaps numbered in recommended order of assembly
  • 100 triangles in 10 parts
  • 4 reinforced wall elements
  • Instructions illustrated with helpful photos.
  • Suitable for A4 and Letter size paper

In 1980, a cataclysmic eruption of Mount Saint Helens displaced 3 km³ of rock and soil, destroying the peak of the mountain and covering much of its flanks in lava, ash and mud. The event transformed the face of the volcano, creating the now characteristic horseshoe-shaped crater in place of the symmetric cone that had earned the peak the nickname “Fujisan of America” in the past. Almost 40 years later, the flowpaths of the lava and mud are still clearly visible, and the crater serves as a humbling reminder that Earth’s surface is ever changing.

This papercraft model of Mount Saint Helens is based on elevation data from the high precision National Elevation Dataset, allowing you to fully appreciate the mountain’s fascinating shape, and the extremely detailed aerial imagery from the US National Agriculture Imagery Program lets you explore the varied surface of this still-active volcano from the comfort and safety of your own home.